IBBA Charts December 2022

As we take the Merchant Vessel Sea Witch from her safe dry-dock and take to the Seas again we're very happy to receive the news that the new album 'Songs from the M/V Sea Witch' has not only received many hours of radio play across the world but we've also made the top twenty in the IBBA charts. 

Lots of thanks to Audioracket and 360 mastering from the Captain and Crew et maintenant nous avançons dans la nouvelle année courageuse. 



stripey laundry

All at KING SIZE SLIM , the Captain and crew of the M/V Sea Witch wish to extend seasons greetings to all.   

         It's been a busy year in which we've successfully launched our new show and a new album.          'Songs from the M/V Sea Witch'. We're currently enjoying radio play around the world and looking forward to 2023 as we take our show on the road. 

As we pack away our stripey shirts and wet weather gear we prepare for our Christmas break and look forward to coming to a town near you in 2023

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Toby Barelli

Following the inaugural performance of the  KING SIZE SLIM and the crew of the M/V Sea Witch full band at the lovely old town Stables Theatre ,we're looking forward to a busy 2023 with shows coming in as we speak. 

         'King Size Slim and the crew of the M/V Sea Witch'  is a multi-media theatrical , full band , theatrical experience.

Heres what the press say.......

   " With this new KING SIZE SLIM show Barelli is really pushing the boundary of what he has done before. Yes, it's a gig but it's also so much more. With a great band driving the show,  the international satellite link-ups and radio broadcasts are all delivered with humour and a slick theatrical edge that adds another dimension to the musical flair that one can expect from a seasoned performer such as the road-hardened Barelli..'1500 shows' says his biography. May there be many more. " 5/5 Stars 

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' If I had my Way '

All at KING SIZE SLIM would like to thank all who attended our inaugural ' Songs from the M/V Sea Witch ' show at The Stables Theatre ,Old Town Hastings. 03/09/22

    The all-new all-original multi-media production was wonderfully received by a sold out audience with journalists unabashedly claiming it ' a triumph ' and ' setting a new bar for the vibrant Hastings live music'.  

" We're all very proud of what we've achieved over the last 18 months. Developing this unique project from a lockdown necessity to a full theatre production with our small team has been a real joy. We now look forward to taking it around the world. " Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM  

Next Up.......    We're now in pre-production for our next video based venture, featuring a number of video-shorts around songs from the freshly released album ' Songs from the M/V Sea Witch '.  

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