April '22 " Dartmouth Harbour, this is M/V Sea Witch calling are you receiving?"

The crew of the M/V Sea Witch along with Toby Barelli have the anchor on board and the cable stored as rehearsals take place for their forthcoming venture to the West Country.   Shoreside concerts and quarters have been arranged for the entire crew at the ancient Witchampton Church through our friends at the Rustic Church Concert Association. Next is Dart Music Festival after which will take short sojourn to Shaugh Prior before setting a course for North Foreland to end our run at Broadstairs at the Wrotham Roots Club.  

Neither Big Pablo, Jolîe Bob or Able Seaman Crank from the engine room get ashore very much so please if you are in attendance be sure to help them with their land-legs. 


Dart Music Festival