January 2016 Warming up for new album launch

In 2015 KING SIZE SLIM performed 169 Shows, toured a double bill show with guitar hero Skip McDonald across the UK , broke new ground in France, Belgium and Catalonia, and made waves in the UK festival scene with wonderfully received shows at Beautiful Days, Red Rooster and Acoustic Festival Of Great Britain amongst others.
The first few months of 2016 will see the release of the second album for Treehouse44 records, the onomatopoeically titled, ‘CHUKKA CHUKKA’ with a West London launch show and touring to be announced. Also in spring 2016 theres a return to France and Belgium, and debut solo shows in Holland and also in Bahrain.
Rehearsals start in earnest in January with an all new 4-piece line-up named ‘KING SIZE SLIM and the LEVY’ for festival and concert shows in the UK and Europe. Four part close harmony vocals, layered percussion, bass and guitars and a little Hastings magick mixing together to create the heavyweight acoustic sound of KING SIZE SLIM live and direct.

Levy (le-vi) Levy, Lévy or Levies (/ˈliːvaɪ/)
A levy, or levies, is/are a military force raised (“levied”) in a particular manner. Typically this means units raised by conscription, but not always. In the British Empire, levies were units raised by local officials for local tasks, typically for local order and security.

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