April '21 KSS Live Steaming from Aboard the M/V Sea Witch

KING SIZE SLIM Live Stream Friday 16th April ’21 19:30 BST 20:20 CEST

Meanwhile Heres the official M/V Sea Witch press release: 

It is difficult for us in these time to tell the true tale of the Merchant Vessel Sea Witch and her connection to the musical artist KING SIZE SLIM. Any indiscretion could leave us open to erroneous prosecution from many and disparate quarters upon the mainland. 

     It is certain however that we endeavour to maintain the moral high ground and the truth must be told. We have chosen therefore to tell our story in the form of Graphic Novel thereby facilitating a state of absolute plausible deniability.

        In these tumultuous times with political upheaval and public health restrictions many musicians have taken to the Sea, we ourselves have found solace aboard the Sea Witch. An internationalist co-operative autonomous vessel. Aboard we carry out the duties prescribed to us by the Captain and regularly broadcast our music across the airwaves.  

           As a fiercely independent Ship, we the crew , negate any external corporate sponsorship and/or recording company collusion, if you wish to help us bring the next KING SIZE SLIM release to fruition please contact us concerning the aforementioned pre-sale package.