November 2020 KSS 'In the Kitchen'

This winter UK lockdown has seen all venues of any size close across the UK.    No shows, no fun.   So we at KING SIZE SLIM marched to the beach here in Hastings to a mysterious part of the beach and cliff known as Rock-a-nore. 

        Good things happen on Rock-a-nore and always have. Fresh fish is landed daily by the illustrious ‘small boat’ fishing fleet, good food is cooked and eaten and we hear that on Saturdays at 3pm there has been some live all acoustic music close to Obies Fish Hut.  However under present circumstances we can neither confirm nor deny these reports. 

KING SIZE SLIM ‘in the Kitchen’  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Uploads to youtube at 15:00 GMT 

Good music for good people, guest musicians and great chat. Heres the link…….