February 2020 Il est presque Mardi Gras! (It's almost Fat Tuesday !)

The beginning of 2020 has seen KING SIZE SLIM tour ‘opp North’ with wonderfully received shows in Leeds and Sheffield and playing alongside our new best friend, Italian Blues one-man machine ‘The Blues Against Youth’.

For a little over a decade the magickal town of Hastings has celebrated Mardi Gras with Hastings Fat Tuesday. Every year it gets a little big bigger and a little bit more mad.

This year the traditional Slim Monday, as always hosted by Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM, will be at world famous Old Town public house The Lord Nelson. Full band + special guests from 7pm.

KING SIZE SLIM will also be appearing on the Fat Saturday Acoustic tour with a Double bass / Washboard rhythm section and as a featured artist on Fat Tuesday itself.