Show Reel time!

Following the inaugural performance of the  KING SIZE SLIM and the crew of the M/V Sea Witch full band at the lovely old town Stables Theatre ,we’re looking forward to a busy 2023 with shows coming in as we speak.

‘King Size Slim and the crew of the M/V Sea Witch’  is a multi-media theatrical , full band , theatrical experience.

Heres what the press say…….

” With this new KING SIZE SLIM show Barelli is really pushing the boundary of what he has done before. Yes, it’s a gig but it’s also so much more. With a great band driving the show,  the international satellite link-ups and radio broadcasts are all delivered with humour and a slick theatrical edge that adds another dimension to the musical flair that one can expect from a seasoned performer such as the road-hardened Barelli..’1500 shows’ says his biography. May there be many more. ” 5/5 Stars

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