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Good news in the form the documentary 'The Source Park' now available across the world on Amazon Prime featuring the 2013 KING SIZE SLIM release 'MILK DRUNK'    

         The documentary is the story of Hastings brothers Marc and Richard Moore and their 2 year quest to transform a disused seafront Ice rink into the largest indoor Skate park in Europe. KING SIZE SLIM was approached by the production team to include the song 'Milk Drunk' from the 2013 album of the same name in the since critically acclaimed documentary. This adds another production to a long list of 'syncs' of the song. 

Straight back into UK solo shows at the end of January with a short Northern run to Sheffield and Leeds warming up nicely for 2020s Hastings Fat Tuesday 22nd -25th February. This years Slim Monday event will be held on the 24th at the world famous Lord Nelson in the heart of Hastings Old Town , featuring the full band and special guests. Followed swiftly by a return to Hungary for dates planned for early March.  

KING SIZE SLIM "Dancing shoes'

December '20

Spreading the good word!  

The last quarter of 2019 has seen Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM travel up and down of the UK on his solo Northern run. Also as warm-up for Wille Edwards of Cornwalls' finest Wille and the Bandits,  Loop machine Blues maniac Son Of Dave and also The Levellers own Mark Chadwick. 

Following the digital release of KING SIZE SLIM 'Three Six and Nine' volume 1 back in October , tracks form the EP have been featured on radio and podcasts across the world, with new fans in Morocco and Northern Canada.  


After a very busy October, November and early December with many miles travelled and many audiences entertained KING SIZE SLIM Performs a number of local shows in and around Hastings before the end of the year. DM for more details. 

kss autumn a go-go

Autumn '19 has been a busy time, with shows at Camden Assembly, Hastings Contemporary and the last of the Summer festivals The Big Green Cardigan. The first instalment of three 'KSS Autumn 2nd Sundays' residency shows was a great success featuring the whole band and special guests, singer Lee Prudence and Trombonist Marcus Weeks from Hastings Reggae band Mighty Sounds. Recording of brand new material continues with sessions booked throughout the Autumn with an interesting release schedule outlined below

KING SIZE SLIM : 3, 6, 9
Music is free! or at least since the popularisation of platforms like Spotify and Itunes etc, music is practically free. Fewer and fewer people own a device that plays music from hard-copy. Maybe there'll have a C.D player in the car, but short of that music is now almost entirely digital and almost entirely, excepting a monthly subscription, free of charge at the point of use.
With this in mind, the next KSS release will be three new tracks ,the first of three editions of three.Hence the 3, 6 and 9 title.
All the tracks will be free of charge to anyone. Email us and we'll send them to you. Hard copy with full artwork will be available at a charge as will some pretty cool merchandise ,but the music itself is free.
Watch this space for more details.


Late summer '19 has seen KING SIZE SLIM perform a number of exclusive private parties, a 'breakfast' session on board a pleasure craft in Bournemouth harbour and a bizarre session in a converted storm drain in deepest Sussex. Recording , mixing and mastering continues for an imminent release of new material to coincide with the upcoming KING SIZE SLIM 2nd Sundays Autumn residency at the much lauded Albion in Old Town Hastings.

Una autèntica guitarra Jacobi del 1943?
Back in February '17 Toby Barelli visited Catalonia residing for a few days in the ancient Gracia part of the City. Hidden amongst the alleyways, piazzas and lanes of this most ancient annex Toby found a guitar store , in the back of the store sat a beautiful but peculiar Manouche style arch-top guitar, something about the instrument called to Toby and he 'couldn't leave it there'.

The Guitar was hand-built in 1943 by the 26 year old Jose Jacopi, just a few months before he won the Concurso Provincial de Artesanía establishing himself a fine reputation as an instrument builder. Later in his life Jacopi became world renowned for his Argentinian style Flamenco guitars, some of which now sell for 10s of thousands of Dollars. This example however represents the young Jacopi' experimentation with Steel-strung Jazz guitars, there never were many of these, and this is the only known example, its marked number 13. Its had a chequered history since the mid- forties, abandoned by Jacopi in Barcelona as he escaped Francos' Spain for Argentina , stored in damp cellar in Gracia,forgotten and then found and rebuilt quite poorly.

Nearing the end of a full restoration with Luthier Nigel Martin of Truenotes music ,a genuine excitement builds in the KSS camp to see and hear this genuine piece of history restored to it former glory.

The Sun is over the yard Arm!

Heres a some footage of Toby Barelli and interviewer Nick Bloomfield imbibing a cheeky early beer with some chat and a song entitled ' A Gracia ' inspired by the political troubles in Catalonia and particularly in Gracia de Barcelona