KING SIZE SLIM @ Rock-a-nore

This winter UK lockdown has seen all venues of any size close across the UK.    No shows, no fun.   So we at KING SIZE SLIM marched to the beach here in Hastings to a mysterious part of the beach and cliff known as Rock-a-nore. 

        Good things happen on Rock-a-nore and always have. Fresh fish is landed daily by the illustrious 'small boat' fishing fleet, good food is cooked and eaten and we hear that on Saturdays at 3pm there has been some live all acoustic music close to Obies Fish Hut.  However under present circumstances we can neither confirm nor deny these reports. 

KING SIZE SLIM 'in the Kitchen'  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Uploads to youtube at 15:00 GMT 

Good music for good people, guest musicians and great chat. Heres the link.......



Gemma' KSS t-sirt

Well, that was weird! In all the years KING SIZE SLIM has been performing and recording the emphasis has always been on live shows.  100-150 shows a year all over the UK, Europe and the Middle east. But not this year, this year is a plague year. 

    That said, KING SIZE SLIM has performed a select number of socially distanced shows across the south-east and London in the last few weeks. It feels like we're all testing the water, and it feels warm. 

It appears that things may never quite get back to 'normal' and all at KING SIZE SLIM are widening the horizon on how to keep going and keep making good music for good people.   Plans for a project much more based on the internet are afoot. Watch this space.



In these crazy old times , its difficult to do what we at KING SIZE SLIM do. No Audience, No Show , No Fun. 

Every day at 3pm KING SIZE SLIM Streaming good music to good people live via facebook live.

Tune in every day at 15:00 BST for a little heavyweight acoustics.   Like what you hear? Wanna buy me a coffee? Go to   and pay via paypal.

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fat Tuesday  Saturday tour 'On the bar'


Every year Hastings Fat Tuesday gets a little bit bigger and a little bit better, this years celebration was no exception.  The Saturday acoustic tour was a blast. Tobys' all-acoustic vocal and resonator guitar sound  was joined on Double bass and Washboard percussion by John Nicholls and Andy Maby respectively.    

         The eponymously named Slim Monday saw the full band very much at home playing a special pre-mardi Gras set at Old Town favourite The Lord Nelson to a magick filled crowd of fisherman, beloved locals and the hard-working Fat Tuesday crew. Fat Tuesday itself saw a solo KSS set touring the Old Town in amongst 20 or so other acts, each playing 20 minute sets in each venue.   

   Recording sessions continue of new KING SIZE SLIM tunes. An array of begged, borrowed but not stolen pre-amps, mics' and other assorted pre-loved equipment are being gathered and used to great affect.

A number of nice solo shows at the beginning of March. First up Friday 6th , Lily Ramonas' Resounda out in the woods at Robertsbridge,East Sussex. singer songwriter Lily Ramona invites KSS to her monthly music club at The White Dog.      The following week sees a return to Londons' legendary 100 Club for a KSS + Son Of Dave show on the 11th. Then on 13th a show at another famous touring venue The Forum Tunbridge Wells with Mark Chadwick of Levellers fame.